About Me

If you happened to come across my blog, hello!
My name is Abby and I'm just a little Korean girl with a love for baking, nutrition, fitness, running, music, animals, picnics, tea, nature, fashion, diy crafts, interior design, and sunshine.

I am a pescetarian with vegan tendencies. If it were not for my love for traditional pastry and occasional seafood craving, I would be entirely vegan. I do try to be as vegan, clean, and natural as possible in my eating habits.

I was born in Japan, but raised primarily in England before coming to the New York. If all goes well, I'll spend the next four years of my life in California after being (fingers crossed!) accepted into the college of my dreams.

I spent a lot of time on blogs: food, dessert, craft, wedding, etc. There are so many amazing, talented people in this world and I wish I could meet them all.

I'm in a long distance relationship (the day he left for college I thought I'd never pull myself together) with a boy that I can only describe as perfect. We've been together for 27 months (yes, I am a month counter; I would be a day counter if I could be) and I can only feel immensely blessed that I was able to meet him, steal him, and keep him by my side. I know the world cautions young teenage girls from jumping into the concept of "love," but I think he might really be the one.

Sorry this is so bare, but hopefully, I'll continue to update it and let it grow.